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Ultra-low latency, high-performance, 10GbE/40GbE data center switch

The QFX5100 is an ultra-low latency, high-performance, 10GbE/40GbE data center switch that provides integrated Layer 2 gateway services for virtual network environments.

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Product Description

The QFX5100 line of flexible, high-performance, low-latency, and feature-rich L2/L3 switches are optimized for virtualized data center environments.

QFX5100 switches are a universal building block for multiple fabric architectures including Juniper’s mixed 1/10/40GbE Virtual Chassis, Virtual Chassis Fabric, and QFabric System architectures, as well as open architectures such as Spine and Leaf and Layer 3 fabrics. All QFX5100 switches support unified in-service software upgrade (unified ISSU) to deliver hitless data center operations.

QFX5100 switches also include support for virtualized network environments including Juniper Contrail and VMware NSX Layer 2 gateway services.

Throughput and capacity up to 2.56 Tbps and 1.44 Bpps, respectively, sustain wire-speed switching with low latency and jitter, as well as full Layer 2 and Layer 3 performance. Redundant power and cooling ensure high availability. Separate control and data planes ensure maximum system availability. Server and network virtualization support using large media access control (MAC) tables enables large-scale virtualization deployment in VMware with Juniper Contrail for select models, and Junos Space Network Director for combined networks. Energy efficiency provides green solutions that lower operational expenses.
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