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Flexible edge router for service providers

The MX240 is a powerful Universal Edge router that enables service providers to deliver a wide range of business and residential products and services.

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Product Description

The SDN-ready MX240 3D Universal Edge Router delivers high performance, reliability, and scale for service provider and enterprise applications, including business and residential broadband services, metro-Ethernet, and high volume data center internetworking.

At just five rack units (5 U),the MX240 is a compact, modular, 1.92 Tbps capacity platform that provides high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces as well as legacy SONET/SDH, ATM, and PDH connectivity. The MX240 also supports sophisticated timing and virtualization capabilities, including virtualized network services, Virtual Chassis technology, and virtual CPE functionality to help customers streamline network design and operation.

For cost-effective sparing and maintenance, the MX240 shares a common set of field-replaceable units (FRUs) with the MX960 and MX480 platforms such as routing/control and switching components, port card, and services cards. Its resilient and fully redundant architecture provides a consistent operations and service environment.

Broad Universal Edge Portfolio with Junos OS and Junos Space provides capital efficiency and uncompromising operational excellence for enterprises and all types of service providers. Scale and Performance with 3D model provides long-term investment protection from 20 Gbps to 80 Tbps to meet all business and technical requirements. SDN-Ready provides seamless integration with SDN controllers like Juniper Networks Contrail, and enables elastic service delivery and customization for simplified operation and competitive differentiation. Unparalleled Reliability provides nonstop service availability and high-quality QoS for always-on/always-connected business and residential customers.
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